New to Our Pool Rental

Sensors & Software SmartCart with Noggin 250: The Noggin is a complete GPR system in a single package. This high performance, easy-to-use system with real time display using the DVL (digital video logger) and accurate positioning, gives users the on-the-spot answers needed to get the job done. Use Noggin: To detect Plastic & Metal Pipes, Metal [...]

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New to Our Rental Pool

Geonics EM31-SH: The EM31-SH is a “short” version of the Ground Conductivity meter. With a smaller coil separation and lighter weight, the EM31-SH offers improved convenience and portability for ground conductivity measurements, while maintaining the high levels of accuracy and stability provided by the standard EM31-MK2. Click here for more information. SmartHandle Sensors & Software SmartHandle [...]

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Geode Seismograph

Geode Ultra-Light Exploration Seismograph, 12- or 24-Channel:Geometrics’ Geode seimic recorder is the next generation of seismic recording systems, combining the best of Geometrics’ traditional seismic recorders with the flexibility and convenience of a distributed system. It’s ideal for refraction or reflection, downhole or VSP- even tomography surveys. Download File. You can run the Geode from your [...]

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Land Streamer

A land streamer is an array of geophones designed to be towed along the ground. The name orginates from marine streamers, which are a string of hydrophones towed behind ships. Land geophysicist have long envied the high productivity achieved in marine surveys. Now it appears that highly-productive relection, refraction and surface-wave survyes can be achieved [...]

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New to our rental pool

Subsurface Instruments Inc. BHG-1 Borehole Gradiometer: Operates as any other gradiometer but is housed in a 1.6″ titanium sonde. Comes standard with 30′ cable but longer cables are available. Data are displayed via LCD screen, audio, or recorder via RS-232. Click here to read more. PL-2000 Pipe & Cable Locator: This machine offers a new approach [...]

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GPR Tow Cart configuration

Tow Cart configuration is designed to carry our GPR profiling where a SmartCart is not practical but sliding or towing is. It can be towed with a handle or rope over smooth to moderately roungh terrain. It can be used with 250, 500, or 1000 MHz antennas.

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SuperSting R8/IP

We have added two 84 electrode SuperSting R8/IP to our rental pool. The SuperSting R8/IP is a state-of-the-art 8-channel portable memory earth resistivity meter with memory storage of readings and user defined measurement cycles. It provides the highest accuracy and lowest noise levels in the industry. Combined with our 84 electrode switch box and passive [...]

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Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

Magnetic susceptibility is probably the most easily measurable petrophysical parameter. It can be measured not only in the laboratory on rock specimens, but also in the field on rock outcrops. The TerraPlus KT series are convenient because they are light and of pocket size (useful in geological mapping), very sensitive (1 x 10-6 [SI] in [...]

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Geometrics OhmMapper

The new Geometrics OhmMapper is a capacitively coupled resistivity meter that measures the electrical properties of rock and soil without cumbersome ground stakes used in traditional resistivity surveys. A simple coaxial-cable array with transmitter and receiver sections is pulled along the ground either by a single person or attached to an all-terrain vehicle. Data collection [...]

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