At K.D. Jones Instrument Corporation, we like to think of the companies we do business with as partners, rather than customers. We do everything we can to help them make a profit. If they don’t make a profit our relationship will be short lived. We like to think of the people we deal with as personal friends. That doesn’t happen with everyone, but that is our goal. Below are a few testimonials that demonstrate this guiding philosophy.

“This is a long overdue thank you letter. I’ve been renting equipment from KD Jones Instruments for over 10 years. You folks are wonderful to do business with. You have helped me out of many jams. I’ve called with equipment questions after hours and been directed to Vince (at his cell phone) who was happy to help. I might add that sometimes the questions have nothing to do with equipment I rented from you, just a general questions about a problem I was having with some piece of geophysical equipment. It’s good to know you folks are reachable more than just between 9-5. Vince’s knowledge about the mechanics, electronics and potential problems of geophysical equipment is unrivaled. I guess that comes from keeping an active rental pool in great repair. If it’s broke, then more than likely Vince will know how to fix it. Bill is not only a very competent geophysicist, he is a true gentleman as well. He always has time to talk through different applications and explore solutions to problems. But, the thing that sticks most in my mind is an unbelievable favor he did for me many years ago. I was thousands of miles away from home working long hours to finish a project. I recall it was a 3-day holiday weekend and a cable broke on the equipment I was using (I might add that I did not rent this equipment from Bill). I could not reach the manufacturer due to the holiday. I knew if I couldn’t get the cable fixed I would be sitting idle for the long weekend and all I wanted to do was finish up my project and go home to my family. I called Bill Jones on the Saturday morning to see if he could look up the pin-out for the cable. Bill did me one better and drove the cable to an airport and put it on a plane for me to retrieve that night. Bill, I’ll never forget that. I know Normangee TX (closed as of August 1, 2018) is in the middle of no-where and the trip to the airport to help me out was not a trivial thing. It is rare in this world to find people who will go that extra mile (or in this case 100’s of miles) to help and I will be forever grateful. So, I don’t just rent from KD Jones instruments because the prices are reasonable (they are), I rent from you because it is truly a pleasure to be associated professionally with such great people. Through the years we’ve been doing business I feel like you folks are just as much my personal friends as you are professional colleagues.”

John Luttinger
Senior Geophysicist
Geomatrix Consultants, Inc.

“Truly enjoy renting geophysical equipment from K.D. Jones and cannot thank you enough for all the technical help you’ve given us over the years. Your emphasis on customer service and communication is one of your best assets. Vince is always available for technical assistance and the invoicing is always prompt and fair. Vince has helped us solve many field problems, numerous times, that saved us time and money. I can trust that when I schedule a piece of equipment to be delivered to a jobsite on a particular date that it will be there. You’re always fair with the shipping times and rental costs. The shipments always contain extra cables and batteries. And the batteries are charged and ready to go right out of the box. Renting from other geophysical companies is often frustrating and their technical support is usually theoretical, not practical. Few are as knowledgeable about field applications as your technical support. I’m happy that you are now renting GPR systems. The S&S Noggin and Conquest are great instruments. Again, thanks for all your help over the years and I know we will continue to rent from you because of your great service, knowledgeable staff, prompt shipping, fair costs and good equipment. It is a pleasure working with your company.”

David Stair
Tetra Tech
Oak Ridge, TN