BHG-1-Borehole-Gradiometer Subsurface Instruments Inc. BHG-1 Borehole Gradiometer:
Operates as any other gradiometer but is housed in a 1.6″ titanium sonde. Comes standard with 30′ cable but longer cables are available. Data are displayed via LCD screen, audio, or recorder via RS-232. Click here to read more.
PL-2000-PipeCable-Locator PL-2000 Pipe & Cable Locator:
This machine offers a new approach in high power, low frequency locating. With 3 active frequencies, 2 passive frequencies, 4 modes of operation and both inducting and conductive connection capabilities. While the PL-2000 is powerful and versatile and it is easy to use. Click here to read more.
magnetometor Subsurface Instruments ML- 1M: Fluxgate Magnetometer:
Features a digital meter that provides for visual signal strength, polarity indication, gain setting, plus battery life display.