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In an effort to bring a more user friendly experience to our customers, we have teamed up with Geophysical Equipment Rental LLC. has three main sections. The first section presents a vast amount of information for most of the equipment we offer. After you have had a chance to decide what you want to rent, you simply go to the next section and fill out portions of the smart form as necessary. If you are sending us a request, then there are a few required areas that need to be filled out before you can submit the form. Otherwise, check off the equipment you are interested in to get a cost estimate. Finally, you can contact us through the contact page, where we also post our terms.

Featured Products

Land Streamers

We now offer adjustable land streamers from 1 to 20 ft spacings. Please notify us at least 48 hours in advance for custom land streamer spacings.


pulseEKKO Pro Ultra Receiver
Sensors & Software pulseEKKO Pro Ultra Receiver

The new Ultra Receiver stacks up to 65,536 traces with little to no reduction in collection speed. In the past, random background noise limited the ability of older units to detect weak signal from greater depths. However, the Ultra Receiver increases the speed to stack more data traces in order to reach these greater depths. In fact, it can reach depths of up to double the penetration of older units. In addition, by reducing the noise floor, the GPR can see signals up to 100 times smaller.

SuperSting R8/IP

We have added two 84 electrode SuperSting R8/IP to our rental pool. These units can be used with configurations from 84 to 28 electrodes.

Geophysical Equipment Rentals and Equipment Sales

K.D. Jones Instrument Corporation provides geophysical solutions to archeological, environmental, geological, geotechnical and groundwater problems. Our company sells and rents geophysical instruments used to image the subsurface. These images can help in the understanding and proving solutions to many problems. Our experienced personnel are available to help you choose the right instruments for the job and to help you through the operation of the instrument if you are unfamiliar with it.

K.D. Jones Instrument Corporation is a small team that focuses on customer service. We are not only a company that rents equipment but a company with employees that know how to use the equipment. Our small company plans on having a large impact on those that we serve by providing affordable instrumentation and superior service to customers before, during, and after a purchase or rental. Art Fromm, owner and CEO, provides valuable sales and technical support with over 35 years in the geophysical service industry while Nate coordinates instrument rentals and provides customer service. We often find customers, who have rented from others, calling us for help.

Weekend Rates

As a courtesy, we do not charge rent for Saturday and Sunday when equipment is shipped on a Friday and in the hands of FedEx or UPS over the weekend (call for details). No reason to pay for Saturday delivery! Also, we don’t accept weekend deliveries.

Product update–we now offer land streamers with up to 20 ft takeouts!

K. D. Jones Instruments Presents the Ballard Borehole Source

We now stock the ballard source. Prices are listed under seismic equipment.

Our Geophysical Equipment Rental instrument inventory includes Seismographs and Seismograph Accessories, Magnetometers, Global Positioning Systems, Pipe and Cable Locators, Ground Conductivity Meters, Ground Penetrating Radar, Ground Resistivity Meters, and Geophysical Equipment Software.

At K.D. Jones Instrument Corporation, we like to think of the companies we do business with as partners, rather than customers. We do everything we can to help them make a profit. If they don’t make a profit our relationship will be short lived. We like to think of the people we deal with as personal friends. That doesn’t happen with everyone, but that is our goal, We pride ourselves on our service and monitor our phones 24 hours a day seven days a week, and yes that includes weekends and holidays.



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