Geonics EM31 Short Geonics EM31-SH:
The EM31-SH is a “short” version of the Ground Conductivity meter. With a smaller coil separation and lighter weight, the EM31-SH offers improved convenience and portability for ground conductivity measurements, while maintaining the high levels of accuracy and stability provided by the standard EM31-MK2. Click here for more information.
smarthandle SmartHandle Sensors & Software SmartHandle with Noggin 1000:
The SmartHandleTM provides a compact platform for surveying in confined areas with a Noggin. Building on Sensors & Software Inc”s ergonomic designs, the integrated odometer and intelligent control button, light indicators and beeper accelerates remote data acquisition. A SmartHandleTM system includes the same DVL data acquisition and power management features as the SmartCartTM. The 1000 MHz antenna is an ideal system for applications that require high vertical and horizontal resolution. These include non destructive testing of concrete, wood, and other materials.