Geonics EM38-MK2

The new EM38-MK2 Ground Conductivity Meter effectively combines the performance features of all previous EM38 models in a single instrument: The EM38-MK2 provides measurement of both the quad-phase (conductivity) and in-phase (susceptibility) components, within two distinct depth ranges, to a maximum effective depth of 1.5 m, all simultaneously. In addition, new standard features and options [...]

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Instantel Minimate Plus

The Minimate Plus is a vibration and blast monitoring seismograph   Since 1982, Instantel monitors have earned their position as the world’s most trusted monitors for regulated vibration control. Used in over 110 countries, Instantel seismographs monitor ground vibration, air and water over pressure created by blasting, demolition, mining, quarrying, and construction activities

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New Personnel

Arthur J Fromm (Art) PG has joined us as a geophysical consultant and is available to help guide you to the proper instruments to use on a survey or through proposal preparation if you’re interested. Art has 30 plus years as a geophysicist and has conducted over 800 field surveys during that period. He has field [...]

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New Location

In an effort to provide better service and to reduce shipping costs we’ve added a rental center in Wisconsin. Art Fromm is manager of that facility. You may contact him at: Ph: 262.442.6327, Toll free: 800.272.0301, or e-mail: Please note, rental equipment is no longer being shipped or received from the Normangee. As of [...]

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Sensors & Software pulse EKKOPRO SmartCart

GPR pulseEKKO Pro The SmartCart provides a self-contained mobile platform for transporting the pulseEKKO PRO and DVL for fast data acquisition. The pulseEKKO PRO is pushed (or pulled) along a line, with an integrated odometer providing equispaced triggering of data acquisition. Data acquisition rates change to accommodate survey speed, exploiting Sensors & Software’s [...]

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Geonics EM34-3

The EM34-3 is a simple-to-operate, cost-effective instrument for the geologist and hydrogeologist alike; applications have been particularly successful for the mapping of deeper groundwater contaminant plumes and for the exploration of potable groundwater resources. Using the same inductive method as the EM31-MK2, the EM34-3 uses three intercoil spacings – 10, 20 and 40 m – to [...]

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Art Fromm Elected President of Company

We are pleased to announce the election of Arthur J. Fromm as President and CEO of the company effective July 1, 2013. In addition to his passion for service and quality he has outstanding academic credentials as well as 30 years of experience conducting near surface and engineering surveys and computer modeling.  Academic  Background:  B.S. [...]

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